Einladung zum European Education Congress

20. Mai 2010|

Das Aktionsbündnis gegen Studiengebühren lädt euch herzlich zum European Education Congress (eec), welcher vom 25. bis zum 30. Mai 2010 an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum stattfinden wird, ein.

There is just one week to got until the European Education Congress 2010 (eec) in Bochum, from 25th til 30th of May, starts. The event is organised by young people from all over Europe.

The eec will be a place for everyone interested in education across the continent to get together, network, exchange experiences and ideas and learn about the educational system in context. A focus will be on the theoretical grounding of differing conceptions of education, as well as the functions education and the educational system have in society.

Further information at: www.educationcongress.eu

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