Corona FAQ

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Will there also be the so-called free trial regulation at our university?
Not so far. Our rectorate is still refusing, but we’ll keep at it!

Are there any options if I have not passed my third attempt?
Yes, you can apply to your examination board for a retake. With the reason „Corona“ this will be granted in any case.

Are lecturers allowed to force me to turn on the camera in Zoom sessions?
No, they are not allowed to do that.

What about exams?
Again, any kind of control over the camera is not allowed. Only at the beginning of the examination you may be asked to verify yourself briefly.

Are you allowed to deviate from the usual forms of examination as stated in the module handbook?
Yes, the Corona Protection Measures Ordinance allows this.

I have registered my primary residence in Siegen, can I send you my documents by email in order to receive the welcome money?
No, unfortunately this is not possible, as we need the original documents. As soon as we are allowed to reopen the office, you can make appointments via our homepage. However, you also have one year to apply.